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"A long time ago, a demon fox with nine tails appeared. When a tail was swung, it would destroy a mountain and cause a tsunami. To counter it, the people gathered ninjas. One ninja sealed the monster in a life or death battle and died. That ninja was known as the Fourth Hokage... and with his death, he sealed the powers of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox into the body of a young boy..."

:. 16/04/10 - 20:24 .:. Game Updates .:. Posted by admin .:

Regarding the upcomming game update, alot people are waiting for. We finished the codings so far and currently on the graphics part. There will first screenshots the next 2 weeks, along with beta testing.

And i believe alot of people will be pleased; we made it more "naruto" like as we first wanted (lol).


PS: The guy never gives up. And thats the problem; one user that abused his powers. Hopefully last of this drama.


:. 25/12/08 - 20:40 .:. Holiday Specials .:. Posted by neo_freak .:

Hello everyone,

I also wish you all happy holidays so feast as much as you like!
But that isnt what i made this post for.
Please read the message below carefully so that you dont misunderstand anything of it.

As you know this month is a month full of special events and we of NFG support that idea and thought: "Hey we should do something similar"
Currently me and Aeandir are working on a nice idea for an event, so if you are wise keep your eyes on the main page and find out what we might think of!

This event will be sponsored by Sand's Horizon and we are currently looking for more donators (mind that this is a great way to advertise since the clan's names will be mentioned in the main page!)
for more information you can contact Aeandir ingame his nin id is: 82
Have a nice Christmas and of course a happy newyear!

As Promised:

This second event of NFG ( The First one was a NFG based story event. ) is based on Art. You, if you decide to participate, will have to make a piece of art. We, Neo_Seal and myself, Aeandir, consider Photoshop based products as art, as well as Real Life Photo's, Paint Products, and even regular scanned drawings. Make it as original and as Narutofangamish as you can. Hell, if you want you can even draw yourself as a NFG character. Just keep in mind, we do not tolerate any sexual pictures. Sexy is okay, but there is a limit.
There will be prizes, as described Below, and they are rather nice if I say so myself. The prizes are in game money.

1. 40.000.000 Credits
2. 10.000.000 Credits
3. 5.000.000 Credits


Sand Horizon ClanID 15 Owner: Aeandir

Note: Detailled screenshot of the Word Document. It has more details then this newspost.

Greetings, Aeandir and Neo_Seal


:. 25/12/08 - 19:47 .:. Merry Christmas and a Happy Newyear. .:. Posted by Aeandir .:

To all our Loyal, friendly, great, strong, imaginative, superb, fubar, mean, angry, shy, creative, loving, hated, bug-abusing, teaching, learning, mentoring, addicted but most of all proud Shinobi.

The NFG Staff wishes you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


:. 25/12/08 - 10:32 .:. Global Forum .:. Posted by Aeandir .:

Well, since nobody even made a message or something like it, i'll do it.


Yes, you read it correctly. The old link has been replaced and a new link has been inserted, leading you to the one and only, Global forum. Players can get their questions answered there, and form alliances. You can also discuss about things like the Admins(They won't peak), and things like BETA. Lots of fun!

Be sure to register, even if it's only to recieve the Newsletter wich might contain new information about NFG.



:. 05/12/08 - 15:55 .:. Hello everyone, New and Old. .:. Posted by Aeandir .:

As the title explains. Hya,

First of all, for all, for the old players who happened to witness the deletion of the Global forum a few months ago, i never explained why. I just explained it to the Owner of the game, and i realized that, so here's my little chat conversation with him. It saves me the trouble of typing it again, and it explains it perfectly.


Mike || In Love With a Beautifull Girl:
concerning NFG again. You saw i deleted the forum, right?
hmm ?
Mike || In Love With a Beautifull Girl:
the old NFG forum. that invisionfree one, i deleted it. since this is the first time i see you online i wanted to explain why
Mike || In Love With a Beautifull Girl:
did you ever had the feeling that a forum was corrupt. that there was a struggle for power going on, that people were bad against eachother, acusing and making files of everybody? that the mood on a forum was good at first sight, but when you'd become a member for a longer time that you would realize the mood sucks?
Mike || In Love With a Beautifull Girl:
that is why i deleted it. to much happened on that board, and i felt that it was impossible to bring the board back without handing out like tons of warnings and bans.
Mike || In Love With a Beautifull Girl:
I know it's my fault, i was to loose on the rules, and i want to apologize for that. that is also why i left untill you need me ;)
Mike || In Love With a Beautifull Girl:
you get the picture?


Well, that sums up how I myself saw it. I cannot speak for the current admins, who were, just as i was, admin at that time.

Also, i wanted to tell you all that i'll be checking my mail every one or two days from now. this means i'm open for questions again. So, you have a question or announcement for me? Just message me by mail(pure_onzin@hotmail) or PM.

Greetings, Aeandir.
Fifth player to play
Past Admin, creater of the first forum.
Elected for Kage three times
Designer or the very fist and second skin.